Withdrawing Tokens from Centralised Exchanges to Mantle

When transferring tokens from a centralised exchange to the Mantle Network, following specific steps is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

Bybit, Gate.io, HTX and KuCoin provide a straightforward process for withdrawing cryptocurrencies to external wallets. Here’s a guide on how to withdraw to a wallet on the Mantle blockchain on Bybit:

Step 1:

1) Navigate to the Withdrawal Section: Once logged into your preferred exchange, go to the 'Assets' or 'Wallet' section where you manage your funds.

2) Select Token for Withdrawal: Locate your chosen token in your asset list and select the withdrawal option (make sure it is compatible with Mantle Network).

Step 2: Enter Withdrawal Details:

1) Recipient's Mantle Address: Input the address of your wallet that is connected to the Mantle Network. This is where you will receive your tokens.

2) Withdrawal Amount: Indicate how many tokens you want to withdraw.

Step 3:

Check Network Compatibility: Ensure the network option corresponds to the Mantle Network. This ensures the tokens are sent to the correct blockchain. Sending to the incorrect chain or wallet address will result in loss of funds.

Verify the Transaction: Complete any necessary security steps, such as 2FA or email confirmation, to authenticate the withdrawal. NB: Track the Transaction: You can monitor the status of your withdrawal in the transaction history section of your chosen exchange. Once the transaction is processed, it will be reflected in your Mantle Network-connected wallet.

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