1. Who is now leading the Minterest project?

Minterest's operations are now streamlined under a skilled leadership team of key contributors, composed of project veterans, including:

Kyn Chaturvedi: CEO

Denis Romanovsky: CTO

Veiko Krünberg: CMO

Martti Kullang: CPO

2. What assets does Minterest have access to under the new structure?

Minterest retains its essence - the brand, the audited technology, and its core team members. Minterest's online properties will soon be reactivated. The protocol has also continued to function uninterrupted from launch, facilitating ongoing lending and borrowing activities.

3. Could you clarify the earlier fundraising conducted by Minterest Labs?

Minterest Labs, the previous proprietor, successfully raised capital through two private rounds and an LBP, which was fully utilised for developing the project.

4. How are you planning to provide transparency and manage investor/community relations moving forward?

We value all Minterest stakeholders and our approach will be based on consistent delivery and open communication. We aim to maintain a constructive dialogue, balancing respectfulness and collaboration, even in the face of differing perspectives.

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