Changing networks to Mantle

How do I switch my existing blockchain network to the Mantle Network?

To switch to Mantle Network when you are in the Minterest app, you’ll need to click your wallet icon in the top right of the screen.

There, you will see the designation for your network and can switch to the Mantle Network.

Most wallets today will prompt you to switch networks when you select Mantle. Just follow the clear instructions from whichever wallet software you use, and you can access Mantle network without problems. If you are using Metamask, you’ll be prompted to accept the change to Mantle Network, and then you will be set.

If you need to add the Mantle Network manually, find the details on Mantle’s Gitbook here.

Are there any risks associated with changing networks to Mantle?

Metamask can automatically add a network to your wallet when prompted, or you can pre-load it into your wallet.

You can do this by going to the top left of your wallet to select the network and then down to “Add Network.” There, you can search for Mantle and be assured that you are making the correct connection.

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