Minterest NFTs

What are Minterest NFTs?

Minterest NFTs bring real functionality to DeFi. They provide holders up to a 50% boost on Minterest (MINTY) emission rewards for supplying/borrowing activities. In addition, exclusive features on the Minterest lending protocol open up, such as key card access to Minterest’s Private Launch starting from February 2023.

Who was eligible for receiving NFT?

NFTs were rewarded to participants in the Minterest LBP. In addition, NFTs are regularly won during AMAs, lotteries, and in other community activities.

How do I get an NFT?

Minterest NFTs are sold by community members across various NFT marketplaces, including on OpenSea:

How do I view my NFT?

Login at -> Dashboard menu -> Scroll down on the page to see your NFT

What is the price of a Minterest NFT?

Prices of NFTs are determined by the market.

Do NFT boosts stack?

No. Minterest automatically applies the highest boost from your NFT collection.

Can I stake or rent Minterest NFTs?

Minterest does not provide these services. It is important to note that if you do use any third-party services where your NFT is sent to another address, your wallet address will lose all benefits of the NFT on Minterest. This includes no longer having access to the Minterest protocol during Private Launch.

What happens with my NFT after the expiration date?

After the expiration date, the Minterest NFT's boost function ends. The NFT will still be a tradable collectible.

What is the reasonable Floor Price for an NFT ?

Prices of NFTs are determined by the market.

Will NFTs boosts apply to staking (aka participating in Governance) ?

NFTs reward boosts are only applied for operations with liquidity (eg. when you supply or borrow). In other words, NFT boost is added on top of standard emission rewards. NFTs reward boost is not applied for staking

What happens if I borrow a position and sell my NFT?

You MUST keep your NFT to get access to the protocol during Private Launch. If there is a supply or borrow position and you sell your NFT, you will not be able to access Minterest to repay that loan or withdraw your supply position.

Can I access the Minterest protocol if I don't have an NFT?

During the Private Launch protocol features related to supplying and borrowing are restricted to NFT holders and users who have MINTY earned or allocated to their wallet.

If you still have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to contact the Minterest team through the website chat or the Discord and Telegram channels. We're always here to assist you!

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