Bridging assets to Mantle

What does 'bridging assets' mean in the context of the Mantle Network?

In the context of the Mantle Network, 'bridging assets' refers to the process of transferring existing cryptocurrency assets from other networks to the Mantle Network. This integration allows users to utilise their assets within the Mantle ecosystem. For example, you can bridge your assets, like USDC, from the Ethereum ecosystem to the Mantle ecosystem.

How can I bridge my existing cryptocurrency assets to Mantle?

To bridge to Mantle, first head to

You’ll then see the “Network” dropdown, which will have the prompt for “Mainnet Bridge.” Click that.

There, you can select your token and bridge your assets from the Ethereum network. Follow the steps; if you get stuck, there are answers to common questions on the right-side panel.

The transaction will take roughly 12 minutes, and your assets should appear on Mantle. You can then head to Minterest and begin using the app.

Remember, MNT is the gas token of Mantle network. You will automatically receive MNT when depositing via the Mantle bridge, but make sure you swap for some more to cover additional transaction costs on the Network.

Which cryptocurrencies can be bridged to the Mantle Network?

The assets that can be bridged to Mantle can be seen in the above bridging page, if you toggle the MNT icon.

The list includes tokens such as ETH, MNT, USDT, USDC, and even tokens like PEPE and PENDLE.

Once MINTY is transferable in early 2024 (more on this below), you can transfer your MINTY to and from Ethereum and Mantle network via LayerZero.

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