1. What approaches will Minterest use to attract users and bolster liquidity? When is the planned commencement of the marketing campaign?

Success for Minterest lies in attracting TVL. As our community knows, launching on Ethereum entails high gas fees, limiting participation to a select group of liquidity providers with greater capital.

Our approach to onboarding liquidity starts with business development, working behind the scenes to bring onboard quality partners. Once onboarded, it stands as a testament to confidence, facilitating further conversations with potential parties.

Growing TVL on Minterest becomes a beacon, supporting both our business development efforts and public discourse that can naturally attract significant market players. With Minterest now publicly active again and community channels reopened, business development activities are in full swing.

What is fundamental is the due diligence process that potential partners undertake. They seek quality signs not only in the project's fundamentals and investor base but also in the community. They desire a community that is truly engaged and knowledgeable about Minterest's value, focusing on constructive discourse rather than mere price chatter and superficial discussions. Your thought-provoking questions here are vibrant examples of what we strive for.

In terms of increasing our community's size, ecosystem building is key. Integration into wallets, online trackers, DeFi aggregators, NFT Marketplaces, and more provides an organic approach to attract new users. This strategy aligns with our long-term perspective on community growth, offering depth that short-term PR campaigns may not achieve.

That said, Minterest will run an external marketing campaign, timed to yield the greatest return on investment, coinciding with the Public Launch when the token becomes transferable and listings begin.

2. What motivates the decision to forgo an initial listing process within Minterest's strategy?

Listings are valuable events that can demonstrate organic demand, but only after building momentum. Minterest is in the process of rebuilding this momentum, and we must first highlight interest in the product through actual use. Otherwise, our perspective is that listing the token prematurely would not instil confidence in the market and might work against the interests of Minterest stakeholders.

3. Is Minterest considering a complete rebrand?

Though rebranding is always an option, we have chosen to keep the Minterest brand the way it is, albeit with a minor visual refresh. The reasons are as follows

  1. Affinity with Minterest: Simply put, we're fond of the name "Minterest." It resonates with our vision and ethos, and the team feels a strong connection to it.

  2. Recognized But Still Evolving: The Minterest brand is acknowledged and respected within our immediate community and institutional circles. However, in the broader Web3 space, there's significant potential for brand growth. It prompts us to consider whether the capital and time spent on rebranding—primarily influenced by recent occurrences limited to specific groups—is indeed justifiable.

  3. The Complexity of Rebranding: Undertaking a rebrand isn't a straightforward endeavor. It demands substantial time and resources. This isn't just about a new logo or color palette; it encompasses website domains, social media profiles, application interfaces, trademarks, and more. Even detailed facets, like transitioning security audits associated with "Minterest" to a new brand, require meticulous attention. Furthermore, updating our 50+ institutional partners and navigating through ongoing integration initiatives adds to the magnitude of this task.

Given the above, we believe our energies are best channeled towards market launch. This means a sharp focus on refining our product and doubling down on business development, ensuring we create value and enhance the Minterest experience for our community.

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