Contracts overview

Minterest protocol contracts are verified on Etherscan and are available in Github. The full list of contracts used by Minterest can be found using this link. A short list of important contracts and supported markets is available here.

Contracts architecture overview

The protocol is built using a star-like architecture. The Interconnector contract is the center of the star. The Interconnector serves as the router between other contracts or groups of contracts(Leafs). Communication between different pieces of logic is done through Interconnector, which knows addresses of every Leaf.

As an example, when a user wants to withdraw rewards from Rewards Hub, the latter calls Supervisor through Interconnector to check if the user passes the validations for this action.

The star-like architecture in conjunction with proxy contracts simplifies redeploys and updates of independent pieces of logic.

The Interconnector contract is written so that only it has the right to substitute itself to a new Interconnector address within all Leafs. That means that every update of the protocol, if it involves changes in communication of contracts between each other, requires a new instance of Interconnector to be deployed. The old version puts a new address into all the Leafs.

The Interconnector is a one-time, non-proxied contract. It is necessary to deploy a new version of Interconnector in case the address of one of the existing Leafs changes.

Contracts breakdown

The list of the most important contracts in alphabetic order.

Buyback and BuybackDripper

The contracts implement tracking of user weight in Governance rewards distribution flow, as well as the actual distribution logic and treasury management.


This contract contains all logic related to NFT boost calculations.


The pivot contract, used to tie all other contracts together and route their interactions.


This is the facade of liquidation flow, responsible for seizing collateral assets and repaying the loan.


The store of MINTY, designated to be distributed through Standard emissions.


The contract of Minterest NFT collection.


This is the ERC20 contract of Minterest token.

MntGovernor and MntTimelock

The two contracts that manage creation of proposals, voting procedures and execution of proposals.


This contract contains the rewards vesting logic and is responsible for the final distribution of Emission and Governance rewards.


A service contract that contains all the checks and validations for manifold operations.


All the vesting schedules are stored here, as well as related MINTY funds.


The contract is responsible for calculation of voting and buyback weight of every user.


The list of users who are allowed to use the protocol during the private phase.

mToken and Rate models

Contracts like mUSDT are the markets of the protocol. Each contains a pool of underlying assets and receipt tokens of the market. The contracts similar to mUSDT_Kink_interest_rate_model contain the economy model of the market, all the math of APR and APY calculation.

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