Community FAQ

1. Why is Minterest deploying on Mantle Network?

One of the key challenges for Minterest on Ethereum is a majority of the community cannot participate through supplying and borrowing due to the nature of the expensive gas fees. Minterest’s deployment onto Mantle resolves this.

2. When is Minterest deploying on Mantle Network?

January 4, 2024

3. What can I do on Minterest after it deploys on Mantle?

Minterest users will initially be able to

  • Supply among four token assets: USDC, USDT, WETH, MNT, mETH and mUSD. Verify the token contract addresses with the links provided.

  • Enable Governance Participation on and MINTY will be automatically staked in governance to earn additional MINTY rewards!

Other features coming in early 2024 include:

  • Minterest NFTs that increase emission rewards

4. What do I get for Supplying on Minterest on the Mantle Network?

Supplying on Minterest earns emission rewards in TWO tokens!

  • MINTY is Minterest’s native governance token

  • MNT is Mantle Network’s token

Notes on the reward tokens:

  • MINTY token is in pre-launch and not available to trade until early 2024

  • MNT earned is liquid and can be withdrawn from Minterest at anytime

5. How much do I get for Supplying?

Emission rewards earned depend on the total amount supplied and your share of that supply. As supply increases or decreases, APYs on emissions will inversely fluctuate. View the current APYs of token markets on the Minterest markets page.

6. What is staking? How do I stake?

Staking is the process of depositing MINTY into Minterest’s governance process. It allows you to vote on governance proposals. Staking also rewards with additional MINTY tokens!

MINTY earned by Supplying and Borrowing on Minterest can be automatically staked. Simply toggle on “Governance Participation” found on the modal when supplying/borrowing and on your Dashboard.

7. How much do I get for staking?

Staking APYs change depending on the total amount staked. APYs can be viewed on the Dashboard.

8. What is the difference between MINTY on Ethereum and on Mantle?

There is no difference in the utility of MINTY whether on Ethereum or Mantle Networks.

9. Can I use Yield-Boosting Minterest NFTs on Mantle Network?

Minterest's Yield-boosting NFTs are currently on Ethereum. They increase rewards of MINTY earned from supplying and borrowing by 20%-50% depending on the rarity of the NFT. The Minterest team is building out the bridging frontend needed to allow the NFTs to be transferred to the Mantle Network via LayerZero in early 2024.

10. I participated in the CAE/LBP. What happens to my MINTY?

Community members who participated in the Minterest CAE/LBP still have claim to their MINTY. The token can be claimed on the Ethereum network once MINTY is transferrable in early 2024.

11. How can I move my MINTY from Ethereum to Mantle Network or vice versa?

MINTY can be freely transferred (i.e. bridged) between the networks using LayerZero once MINTY is transferrable in early 2024.

12. Where is MINTY listed? Where can I trade MINTY?

MINTY is not currently transferrable. It will be liquid and tradable in early 2024.

13. When will MINTY be listed?

MINTY will be liquid in early 2024. As soon as a specific date is available it will shared with the community.

14. What is the price of MINTY?

The Minterest app uses a placeholder value of $2.50, however we cannot comment on MINTY’s market price. Market value will be determined after the token is tradable in early 2024.

15. What happens to the Minterest protocol on Ethereum?

Minterest’s Ethereum network deployment will continue to operate. The MINTY tokens are still accessible and actions of Lending and Borrowing are under Private access.

16. What are Minterest’s tokenomics?

A detailed spreadsheet of Minterest’s tokenomics is available here.

17. How do I use Mantle Network? How do I bridge my assets?

Please read our detailed guide here.

18. What is the Moonshot Program Minterest is participating in?

Minterest is part of an exclusive program promoted by Mantle Network called the Mantle Moonshot Program. Coinciding with Minterest’s launch on Mantle, from January 4 to 11, the community can participate to earn from a prize pool of 66,000 MINTY plus additional rewards. More information about participating in the Moonshot program is here.

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