Exploring the Mantle Ecosystem

Utilising Assets

Once you follow the steps above and have assets on Mantle, you can explore various applications, ranging from DeFi protocols like INIT Capital and Range Protocol to NFT marketplaces like Mintle. Each dApp offers unique functionalities, catering to different aspects of the blockchain and DeFi sector, including NFT marketplaces, re-staking services, and exchanges.

  1. EigenLayer: Revolutionises cryptoeconomic security by enabling ETH staking across multiple protocols​​.

  2. LayerZero: An omnichain interoperability protocol facilitating cross-chain applications​​.

  3. Range Protocol: Builds a universal on-chain asset management platform​​.

  4. TsunamiX: Offers gamified spot and margin trading for crypto-assets​​.

  5. Mintle: An NFT marketplace powered by Rarible for minting, buying, and selling NFTs​​.

Ethena: Focuses on unlocking the potential of staked Ethereum​​.

FusionX: Revolutionising Trading on the Mantle Network

FusionX is one of Mantle's leading decentralised exchanges (DEX). Recognised for its cost-effective transaction model, FusionX provides users with a platform for trading at significantly lower fees compared to traditional networks like Ethereum mainnet.

This efficiency is a key factor in FusionX's appeal, offering users a dual advantage of reduced costs and enhanced trading experiences, as well as complete decentralisation.

Getting Started with FusionX

Selecting Trading Pairs:

Step 1: Navigate to the trading interface on FusionX.

Step 2: Choose a pair to swap. FusionX offers a range of tokens, including wBTC, wETH, wstETH, LEND and MINU. Step 3: Confirm the transaction in your Web3 wallet.

Customising Swap Settings (Advanced Users):

  • Adjust slippage tolerance to manage the swap value you're willing to accept. This setting can be helpful for trading lowcap pairs but requires a good understanding of market dynamics.

  • Set transaction deadlines to define the maximum time frame for the trade execution. The transaction will be reverted if it fails to execute in the designated timeframe.

  • Customise routing and specify GWEI for precise control over gas fees and swap routes.

Earn Through Liquidity Provision:

  • Participate in the FusionX liquidity bootstrap program by providing liquidity to earn RewardFSX tokens. These rewards are redeemable to FSX at 1:1 ratio and will be available 7 days after the FSX token generation event (TGE).

Both FusionX and Agni Finance are part of the evolving Mantle ecosystem, providing unique opportunities for traders and liquidity providers. Each platform has its nuances, so familiarise yourself with their features for the best trading and earning experience.

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