Mantle Network

What is the Mantle Network?

It utilises Optimistic rollups for efficient transaction processing, significantly boosting speeds and lowering costs while upholding Ethereum's renowned security features. Mantle Network's distinct 'modular' architecture, in contrast to the conventional 'monolithic' structure, enhances efficiency and scalability by separating transaction execution from data storage. The integration also features the ultramodern Eigen Data Availability (EigenDA) technology, pioneered by EigenLayer. This innovative solution promises to escalate Ethereum's data handling capabilities to new heights, potentially achieving speeds of up to 1TB per second. Mantle, through its Mantle DA solution, powered by EigenDA technology, is at the forefront of this data availability revolution.

Minterest & Mantle

The synergy between Minterest and Mantle Network is poised to bring a plethora of benefits to users:

  • Optimistic Rollups: Accelerates transactions and slashes fees, enhancing the efficiency of DeFi lending and borrowing for Minterest users.

  • EVM Compatible L2: Ensures seamless access to the Minterest platform using familiar tools, while inheriting the robust security of Ethereum's base layer.

  • Liquidity Boost: More liquidity on Minterest's platform post-integration means improved lending and borrowing rates.

  • Enhanced Network Capacity: Mantle's capability to handle high transaction volumes supports Minterest's scalability.

  • Interoperability: The integration aligns with Minterest's strategy to bridge DeFi liquidity gaps across multiple blockchains.

How can I access the Mantle Network?

Anyone can access the Mantle network if they have a web3 wallet address. Today's Popular options are MetaMask, Rabby, BitGet, SafePal, Coin98, and plenty more. The point is – whatever wallet software you want to use on Minterest, accessing Mantle network will be trivial.

Once you set up your wallet, you will need funds on the Mantle network to pay for transactions. Mantle is a Layer 2 built on Ethereum, so the gas fees are greatly reduced – the price for transactions on Ethereum is typically 19 Gwei, although during bull markets becomes even more expensive, and Mantle is averaging .06 Gwei.

The native token of Mantle is $MNT, which is used to pay for transactions. Thankfully, Mantle has a strong relationship with top crypto exchange, Bybit, which has a direct “Withdraw MNT to Mantle” function. You can read more about this process in the Mantle blog.

Besides getting onto the Mantle network, you’ll want to understand the network of dApps, block explorer, and more, which can all be found under “Network” in the top left of their website.

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