Using Minterest on Mantle

How do I start using Minterest on the Mantle Network?

Currently, we have the Supply module available on Minterest. You can deposit wMNT, USDT, USDC, or wETH in Minterest on the Mantle Network as you would on Ethereum. Just make sure you switch the network according to the above step.

If you have trouble navigating the app, check out our video series here:

Earning Rewards on Mantle

Mantle will have the same rewards flow as on Ethereum where you can deposit your assets to earn interest paid by the borrowers for that asset, including MINTY and MNT emission rewards. The MNT emissions are only available on Mantle and are a bonus incentive for those depositing their assets to Minterest on the Mantle network.

Can I Stake My MINTY?

One of the most important value propositions of Minterest is that staked MINTY earns back 100% of protocol fees, distributed proportionately among stakers. As users will want to participate in the MINTY staking, we’ve set up auto-staking on Mantle, where users' MINTY rewards earned from emissions will be automatically staked into the Minterest Governance Participation module.

Thanks to the Governance Participation module, you will earn extra MINTY rewards from the outset. Once the MINTY is transferable (it will be locked until the token is liquid and transferrable in early 2024), you can withdraw and transfer your MINTY.

Will my Minterest NFT Work on Mantle?

Although this feature is still under development, Minterest NFTs can be bridged to and from Mantle via LayerZero at a future date. When this feature is live, Minterest NFT holders on Ethereum can bridge their NFT to the Mantle Network and earn boosted emissions on Mantle for both MINTY and MNT rewards.

What can I do with my earned MINTY?

Since MINTY is non-transferrable, your MINTY rewards will be auto-staked on the platform. MINTY will be liquid and transferrable in early 2024, and at this point, you could withdraw MINTY and transfer it just like other tokens, including bridging MINTY between Ethereum and Mantle via LayerZero.

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