Use Minterest on Taiko

How do I start using Minterest on the Taiko Network?

Goto Switch your network to Taiko according to the above step.

Select from the available token markets to supply/borrow and ensure you have ETH to pay for gas fees.

If you have trouble navigating the app, check out our video guide.

How do I Earn Rewards on Taiko?

Minterest introduces a Points system to reward liquidity providers and will include MINTY emission rewards sometime after the MINTY token is liquid.

Can I Stake My MINTY?

MINTY staking will be available sometime after the MINTY token is liquid.

One of the most important value propositions of Minterest is that staked MINTY earns back 100% of protocol fees, distributed proportionately among stakers. As users will want to participate in the MINTY staking, auto-staking will be available on Taiko by selecting the "Goverance Participation" option on the user dashboard. Users' MINTY rewards earned from emissions and staking are automatically staked into the Minterest Governance Participation module, compounding rewards further.

Thanks to the Governance Participation module, you will earn extra MINTY rewards from the outset. Once MINTY is transferable, it will be locked until the token is liquid and transferrable; you can withdraw and transfer your MINTY.

Will my Minterest NFT Work on Taiko?

Yes, it will! Details coming soon.

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