Community FAQ

1. What can I do on Minterest on the Taiko Network?

Minterest users on Taiko will initially be able to:

  • Supply token assets: WETH, USDC & USDT. It's important to verify the token contract addresses with the links provided.

Other features coming in mid-2024 include:

  • Borrowing;

  • MINTY token as emission rewards and staking rewards

  • MINTY Staking allows users to tap into the fee generation of Minterest for increased rewards

  • Minterest NFTs that increase emission rewards once they are enabled.

2. What do I get for Supplying on Minterest on the Taiko Network?

At launch, Minterest utilises a Points system (coming soon).

Minterest users earn points, called Mints, accrue through ongoing participation in the Minterest protocol.

MINTY emissions will be activated at a later stage.

3. What is staking? How do I stake?

MINTY staking will be available sometime after the MINTY token is liquid.

4. What is the difference between MINTY on Ethereum, Mantle, or Taiko networks?

There is no difference in the utility of MINTY, whether on Ethereum, Mantle, or Taiko Networks.

5. Can I use Yield-Boosting Minterest NFTs on Taiko Network?

Yes, you will be able to. More information on Minterest NFTs on Taiko Network is coming soon.

6. How can I move my MINTY from other networks to Taiko Network or vice versa?

MINTY can be freely transferred (i.e. bridged) among the networks Minterest supports using LayerZero once MINTY is transferable in mid-2024.

7. Where is MINTY listed? Where can I trade MINTY?

MINTY is not currently transferrable. It will be liquid and tradable in mid-2024.

8. When will MINTY be listed?

Stay tuned for official announcements.

9. What are Minterest’s tokenomics?

A detailed spreadsheet of Minterest’s tokenomics is available here.

10. How do I use Taiko Network? How do I bridge my assets?

Please read our guide on Bridging assets to Taiko.

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