Bridge assets to Taiko from Ethereum

To bridge to Mantle, first head to and login with your Web3 compatible wallet.

There, you can select your token and bridge your assets from the Ethereum network. Follow the steps; if you get stuck, there are answers to common questions on the right-side panel.

The transaction can take several minutes before your assets appear on Taiko.

Taiko uses ETH to pay gas fees so ensure you have also bridged ETH in addition to any other asset you plan to utilise on Taiko.

Which cryptocurrencies can be bridged to Taiko?

The assets that can be bridged to Taiko can be seen in the bridging page.

The list includes tokens such as ETH, WETH, USDT, USDC, and others.

Can MINTY tokens and Minterest NFTs be bridged to the Taiko Network?

Coming soon!

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