Squid Router

Another popular bridge option is Squid Router, powered by Axelar’s cross-chain technology​. Here, you can bridge from any of their 60+ supported chains directly to Mantle.

The process for Squid Router is similar to the Mantle bridge:

​Step 1:

Connect Wallet to the Website: Connect your Metamask or other web3 wallet using the “connect wallet” widget in the interface

Select Origin Chain and Asset: Select the chain and asset you want to transfer to the Mantle network.

Set Destination Chain to Mantle: Make sure Mantle is selected for the destination chain, as pictured below.

Step 2:

Approve Transaction: Authorise the amount to be deposited into the contract. Click "Next" and then "Approve" in the pop-up window for your wallet. This step might take about 10 seconds​​.

Step 3:

Confirm Deposit: After approval, click "Deposit Tokens to L2" and confirm the transaction in your wallet​​. Gas fees will be charged on both sides of the bridge, and the amount charged will be made clear in the interface (origin chain and Mantle L2).

Once the transaction has settled and your funds are on Mantle, you can now use the Mantle ecosystem applications! Below, we’ll dive into some of the more popular apps on Mantle, and how you can begin to use them.

If you just want to learn how to get involved in the Mantle Moonshot campaign and earn rewards on Minterest, skip to the “Creating a Mantle Journey Profile” section below.

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