Minterest FAQ


1. Are there possibilities of refunds for participation in the Community Allocation Event?

We are unable to provide refunds. Following the disengagement of Minterest Labs, our team has focused intensively on stabilising the project. This includes significant restructuring, securing intellectual property rights, and procuring necessary financial support for the continued development and growth of the Minterest protocol.

2. Will users be compensated due to changes in the project timeline?

We've rolled out multiple initiatives to acknowledge our users' patience and commitment throughout the project's evolution. Here’s a detailed overview:
Gas Fee Compensation: Participants of CAE received a compensation of $100 in MNT to offset gas fees. This was initiated when the decision was made to launch on Ethereum. Learn more.
Lock and Load Offer: We introduced an offer where users had the opportunity to double their MNT allocation, subject to the offer's terms and conditions. Find out more about this offer.
Token Allocation Uplift: In January 2023, there was a 50% increase in proportional token allocation. Read further details here.
NFT Validity Extension: We recognized the value of our NFT offerings and decided to extend the validity period of NFTs by an additional 12 months. Get more information on this extension.

3. I've experienced a wallet hack. Can Minterest assist in any way?

Yes. We are currently updating the token contract to enable us to assist community members in changing their receiving wallet addresses. Should you have concerns that your wallet address utilised during the CAE might be compromised, please follow the step-by-step process:
• Please forward your Deposit Confirmation letter from Minterest to [email protected] until 28.08.2023
• Include the following information in your forwarded email:
- Your compromised (hacked) wallet address
- Your new wallet address
- Deposit transaction ID
Our team will then process this information and guide you through the next steps.