The Minterest Lending Protocol

Minterest is a decentralised lending protocol with a unique economic model. The protocol captures 100% of the possible fee value created from the interaction of its users, a level unmatched by all other lending protocols. The protocol swaps this value on-market for its governance token (MINTY) which it distributes as rewards to users participating in governance. The token economy creates long-term on-market token scarcity. Together this allows Minterest to optimise its utility at a level no other lending protocol can, benefiting Minterest’s primary value creators - its users.

Minterest’s feature innovations deliver a breakthrough in token performance value, a critical and overlooked aspect of lending protocols, which maximises value to users over time. Feature innovations bestowing this include automated liquidations, buyback mechanisms and dynamically weighted voting rights to reward long-term governance participation.

Minterest’s model can generate network effects more powerful than any sector incumbent. Doing so means the protocol can deliver the highest long-term APYs with a high degree of defensibility.

This document details how the protocol achieves such outcomes and outlines its design features so the Minterest model may contribute to the future development of both DeFi and the broader blockchain economy.

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