Loyalty Rewards

Users who stake their MNT tokens in governance can withdraw them at any time. However, if they stake for a certain period, they will receive an additional Loyalty Reward benefit. This benefit is applied to their Buy Back Rewards and is adjusted based on the amount of time their MNT has been staked. The total MNT staked is considered, regardless of whether it was aggregated through token deposits or Buy Back processes. The economic modelling of this is explained in an appendix of this white paper.
To maintain the Loyalty Rewards benefit, users must vote or delegate their vote in protocol governance proposals at least once every 12 months. Otherwise, the multiplier benefit they have earned is forfeited and the clock is reset. The same applies to users who withdraw their MNT tokens from staking. The calculation of their Loyalty Rewards multiplier benefit will start from the time they stake their MNT again.