Minterest FAQ

Minterest NFTs

How do Minterest NFTs work?

NFTs enable holders to receive a set percentage boost of their Standard Rewards.
Who was eligible for receiving NFT?
NFTs were won during AMAs, lotteries and other community activities, also to those that were awarded an NFT based on their level of participation during the LBP.

How do I view my NFT?

Go to -> Dashboard menu -> Scroll down on the page to see your NFT

Will my NFT be airdropped in my wallet?

NFTs were airdropped, but not visible on Metamask. There are two ways to see your NFT 1) In Dashboard at 2) in OpenSea by connecting your wallet

What is the price of NFT?

Prices of NFTs are determined by the market.

Do NFTs stack?

No. Highest tier automatically applied.
Can I stake, rent Minterest NFT?
You can potentially stake your NFT in other protocols, but in this case you will lose NFT ownership, which means you no longer have access to Minterest protocol during Private Launch

What happens with my NFT after the expiration date?

After the expiration date, NFT will be collectibles but still tradable.

What is the reasonable Floor Price for a NFT tier 11, Reward Boost 20%, validity 7 months?

Prices of NFTs are determined by the market.

Will NFTs boosts apply to staking (aka participating in Governance) ?

NFTs reward boosts are only applied for operations with liquidity (eg. when you supply or borrow) in other words NFT boost is added on top of standard emission rewards. NFTs reward boost is not applied for staking

What happens if I borrow a position and sell my NFT?

Users MUST keep their NFT to get access to the protocol during private launch. So if there is a supply or borrow position and the user sells his NFT, user will not be able to access Minterest to repay that loan or withdraw supply position, because in Private Launch phase only NFT holders can make liquidity transactions.

Can I access the Minterest protocol if I don't have NFT?

During the Private launch protocol access is restricted to NFT holders and users who have MNT earned or allocated to their wallet.

Is it possible to buy NFT now?

Minterest NFTs are available on OpenSea:​
If you still have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to contact the Minterest team through the website chat or the Discord and Telegram channels. We're always here to assist you!